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UDMII Plus-M-Type CStok No : UDMII Plus-M-Type C

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  • Compliant with the standard USB specifications
  • Compact size and varies in dimensions
  • Support Linux / WinCE/ XP Embedded/Win7 Embedded
  • Shock resistance and anit-vibration
  • Low power consumption
  • Dimension: 37.8x26.65x10.5(mm)(Standard 90 Degree Mounting Screw)


Boasting the sequential read/write speed of as fast as 30/20 MB per second, the product is available in capacities from 4 GB to 64 GB. Apacer's USB-Disk Module (UDM) II Plus is a high performance, embedded flash disk module designed to replace a conventional IDE hard disk drive. UDM SSD can be plugged into a standard Embedded USB connector commonly found in desktops, portable PC systems and industrial PC systems. This UDM SSD is well suited for embedded flash storage applications offering new and expanded functionality as well as more cost-effective designs, better performance and increased reliability.