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Endüstriyel CompactFlash 6Stok No : CFC 6-Premium

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  • Compliant with CFA 6.0 specifications
  • Lock switch design for write-protection
  • Built-in ATA Secure Erase and S.M.A.R.T. Functions
  • Advanced wear-leveling and Block Management
  • Intelligent Power Failure Recovery
  • MLC extended temperature support
  • Lock switch design for write-protection


In respect ofensuring datasecurity, Apacer's Industrial CF6-Premium card provides Write Protect function. By simply locking the lock switch on the bottom side of the card, the industrial CF card allows data to be read only, thus preventing any attempt to write. This way, the data not only can stay safe by avoiding accidental deletion but also can prevent tampering of confidential information that may result in data leakage. These advantages make the card ideal for embedded devices in such fields as medical, military, gaming and automotive applications.