Sata SSD Serisi

mSATAStok No : S1-M

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  • mSATA Connector
  • Mini PCIe form factor(50.8x29.8mm)
  • Compliant with JEDEC MO-300 standard
  • Global wear-leveing and Block Management
  • Built-in ATA Secure Erase and S.M.A.R.T. Functions
  • TRIM Command Support

Since SSDs have become the mainstorage solution for ultra-thin notebooks, Apacer understands the demands for even more compactness and has produced a new mSATA S1-Mmodular SSD that features a SATA 3.0 (6Gb/s)high-speed transmission interface and complies with JEDEC MO-300 standard codes. Because it utilizes 52-pin gold finger mSATA connector and has the mini PCIe form factor (50.8mmx29.8mm), mSATA S1-M goes downsized by about 75% as compared to the typical 2.5” SATA SSDs.Itcan streamline the space on the motherboard and free itself from the limit of the dimensions of the traditional mechanical hard-disk foot-print. In terms of product performance, the mSATA S1-Mdelivers excellent numbers. It uses SandForce-2281 controller, realizing maximum sequential read/write speeds of 555/535MB/sec and IOPs of up to 22K, providing remarkable performance. To be more securely attached to the motherboard, the product features paired screw holes on its bottom, designed to enhance system safety while reducing vibration and shake.