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Sata Disk Modül IIStok No : SDM II 7P/90D LPH

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  • 7-pin SATA connector
  • Tiny Size(32.5mmx23.13mmx18.1mm)
  • Unique Hook Design
  • Patented Power Cable-less Solution
  • Perfect Solution for 1U System
Apacer is about to release the 6-gram SDM 7P/90D-LPH (SATA Disk Module 7Pin/90Degree-Low Profile with housing), one of the smallest SSDs in the market. Its slim size enables a compact design space that prevents mechanical interference and also conforms to the trend of product “miniaturization”, and it is especially suitbale for use in the 1U enterprise server market that requires slim chassis design. Moreover, it has patented power cable-less solution to enhance system reliability.