Fibox Enclosure Systems produces the broadest range of standard plastic enclosures for the electrical and electronics industries. Fibox recently celebrated over 38 years as a designer and manufacturer of thermoplastic enclosures for use in hostile and hazardous environments. Originally a division of the large Fiskars Corporation, Fibox (then called Fiskars Enclosure) pioneered in 1966 the injection molding of polycarbonate for use in the electrical industry. Among the first plastic enclosures were the modular EK series, which opened a new era for low voltage power distribution panels. From that beginning, a commitment to continuous product improvement and on-going product development has fueled the rapid growth of the company.

In addition to those pioneering products, Fibox, now a privately held company, has developed more than 17 ranges of product, all available in numerous sizes. Since leaving the Fiskars group in 1991, Fibox has greatly expanded manufacturing and added sales and marketing service centers. Currently there are six manufacturing sites: three in Finland, one in Germany, Korea and the United States. Fibox has 10 Service Centers located in Europe, plus the United States, China and Korea. Throughout the rest of the world we have distributor partners to service the growing worldwide demand for Fibox products.

Moving into the 21st century, Fibox expanded it capabilities by first acquiring Tamplast Oy, a company specialized in designing high precision plastic molds and injection molding. This acquisition allowed Fibox to respond to the increasing need for plastic subcontracting services in telecommunication, industrial and consumer electronics and medical industries. Fibox then expanded upon this area by acquiring Haloset Team Oy, a company specializing in design, assembly and manufacturing of electrical and electronic control systems.

Fibox operations consist of two complementing business units:

Fibox Enclosures, which focuses on design, manufacturing, distribution and sale of enclosures and enclosure systems
Fibox Plastic Mechanics, which specializes in designing plastic products and developing precision multi-component injection molds, with the capability of high volume production services.

As Fibox continues moving forward, maintaining its technical leadership, Fibox remains committed to understanding the needs of its customers. We use input from our ever-expanding global customer base to create new enclosure ranges, useful accessories, product improvements and new value adding services.

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