Elfa Distrelec

Business concept
"Elfa Distrelec shall supply electronics products, supplies and technical information to the professional market in a fast, reliable and simple way".
Elfa Distrelec is one of the largest catalogue distributors of electronics in Northern Europe
Elfa Distrelec's experience as an electronics supplier spans 60 years. The concept of simple ordering and fast and reliable delivery, in combination with an active development of our assortment and extensive technical advise, has made this company into one of the largest catalogue distributors of electronics in northern Europe.
Elfa Distrelec is owned by Dätwyler, the Swiss industrial group. Our business area includes Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland, the Baltic States and the Ukraine. In a further ten European countries Elfa Distrelec is represented by resellers.
One supplier — more than 100 000 products
Elfa Distrelec offers a wide selection of the latest news as well as more unusual products. We co-operate with about 650 leading suppliers across the world, selecting products that meet our customers' needs.

We keep more than 100 000 products in stock, ready for immediate delivery. Our extensive network of contacts with manufacturers all over the world guarantees your access to thousands of additional products.
Large quantities
In addition to the prices listed in our catalogue, we are also pleased to make offers for larger quantities. For quotations, please contact our Export department, tel +46 8 580 942 30.
Fast and simple ordering
Elfa Distrelec is never further away than a phone call or a few simple clicks on the Internet. To order, or regarding other matters, you can always reach us via telephone, fax, mail, e-mail or the Internet.
Same day delivery
Our ambition is that all orders should leave our main warehouse on the same day that they come in. This gives you, as our customer, precise control of when you wish to receive your delivery – immediately or in accordance with your specific requests.
Delivery on the day that you request 
If you need to receive your goods on a specific day, just state the requested date of delivery when ordering.
Quality and environment 
Elfa Distrelec's business is certified in compliance with the quality management standard SS-EN ISO 9001:2008, the environmental management standard SS-EN ISO 14001:2004. Our aim is to co-operate with manufacturers that meet these standards. We also impose quality and environmental demands on all our manufacturers. 

Elfa Distrelec is one of the leading catalogue distributors in northern Europe. We market and distribute more than 100 000 electronics components from about 650 suppliers from all over the world.
Elfa Distrelec is represented through subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Ukraine and we also have shops in these countries. We are also represented by resellers in Russia and about ten other eastern European countries. Elfa Distrelec has approximately 351 employees and a turnover of 96,6 million Euros.
The ELFA-catalogue, the reference book of the electronics business, is distributed in 120.000 copies, to electronics user in all markets where we operate.